Tuesday, 9 July 2013
Hello!Been a little while since i last posted a review on a hair product,but finally got the time to do some!Now as some of you may know,i normally do reviews for Afro Caribbean hair products, and tend to avoid products that aren't really specifically made for our hair types.

I've been with Tresemme before which was a long long time ago and there products really didn't do anything at all for me, apart from making my hair smell beautiful. So its now hit summer here in the uk, and for me personally, it makes it a lot more difficult for me to have my hair all curly because 1.It makes me more hot and 2. I CAN'T TIE IT UP!, so i really needed to do something different with it, which came to the conclusion of straightening it. For some odd reason, I wanted to get a heat protectant spray to see if it will actually make any difference this time round and I'm glad I did.

Decided to go with Tresemme's new product: Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Shine Spray just to see really what the big fuss was all about.

This is what the bottle looks like and you get a reasonable amount of it too. Its on sale for £2.95 at Superdrug, which is brilliant, because I didn't think a product this good will be that cheap!

The first time I used this was before straightening my hair. I put my hair into sections, sprayed 2-3 times from top middle bottom, making sure both sides are protected, then glided my straightener through with my comb and repeat until its straight. The affects were there immediately, I only had to pass through my hair 3-5 times (depending on the curliness area)  and it was shiny, soft and surprisingly straight, which is a complete shocker!It lasted the whole day without a single bit of frizzyness, and got complimented more too, which definitely proves it works! The only thing I was worrying about was waking up to a chimney sweep hairstyle!

So second day wake up, and my hair is still intact of being straight. Decided to add a little wave to it too and I was still worried about it frizzing though or getting damaged from the hot weather, so i sprayed at least 6 sprays on my hair and headed out for the day. At one point, I got caught up in a hair swept moment in the car, where my hair just got bashed my wind, and my first panic was "my hair is going to frizz up!" just like blow drying, and I didn't believe it, my hair somehow still stayed intact.Lesson learnt not to drive like this

I'm now on my third day, and its still exactly the same which I'm really grateful for!It's boosted my confidence even more now and I don't get to hot with this hair either as its easy to tie up! So far this product has done everything I wanted it to, and that could be also because of the Silicone that's in it, so what I've decided is to give this product at least two more weeks of reviewing before I can give a certainty on it. I've heard from reviews and hairdressers that Silicone coats your hair and basically suffocates it, and after a while the effects start to show. I'm willing to risk this just to see if this will do any harm, but I really can't see Tresemme risking something like that, especially as Britain And Irelands Next Top Model promote them.

But the review for it now, its a fantastic product and I recommend it, just to try for the first week, because the silicone wouldn't do the damage that quick, and I will keep you all updated too 

UPDATE 13/07/2013

I decided to upload a photo  now of when my hair was straightened on the first day after using this. Bearing on mind my hair is ridicously curly and straightening would be a struggle, but it seems tresemme have different things planned for my hair :D  I've also just done a Tresemme Kertain Smooth Shampoo and Tresemme Natural's Conditioner so check that out here: 


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